Greenland is easily recognisable to those who have flown between the United States and Europe. Because of the challenges involved in getting there, the great majority of passengers never even consider going to the area shown as a white land mass on in-flight maps.

Those that put in the effort are rewarded with the opportunity to see a genuinely one-of-a-kind location that is rich of stunning scenery, distinctive villages, and traditional Arctic culture.

Why visit Greenland?

Greenland is home to untouched Arctic scenery and tenacious animals, despite the fact that it is almost totally covered by the world’s second biggest ice sheet. It has a lengthy coastline that is sprinkled with a few isolated villages that cling to the water’s edge.

These towns provide an intriguing combination of 21st-century comforts and Inuit cultural history, and there is evidence of human occupancy in the area dating back several thousand years.

Some interesting information on Greenland

If you want to have possibilities to tour the island by land in Greenland, you shouldn’t allow the magnitude and scale of the Greenland Ice Sheet derail your plans. Greenland is a destination that should be high on every explorer’s list because of the many fascinating things that can be found there. Because of the unusually mild temperature along the coast, there are plenty of options to get ashore and trek into the surrounding nature. The flowers that are scattered throughout the tundra terrain become much more vibrant in colour as the seasons change, particularly from summer into autumn. This results in more stunning moments that may be captured on camera.

Greenland is also home to a number of fjords that are really breathtaking to look at and may be explored by kayak or Zodiac tour. You’ll find yourself surrounded by craggy mountains and sandstone cliffs when you’re out there, and the water will be a brilliant shade of blue. One of the most well-known fjords in Greenland, King Oscar Fjord is located in East Greenland and offers visitors spectacular vistas of the surrounding coastline that will be ingrained in their memories for the rest of their lives.

Best way to visit Greenland

Greenland is an island, thus the only means to get there are by plane or by boat due to its location. You may get to Nuuk either by flying in or by approaching it by ship. No matter how you get to Greenland, once you’re there you’ll want to tour by ship since the coastline regions and fjords are what you’ll be navigating. This is true regardless of how you get there. Within Greenland, there are hardly any highways that go through the interior to link the many communities.

You could, for instance, be interested in participating in a tour called Essential Greenland: Southern Coasts and Disko Bay. This excursion lasts for a total of 15 days and starts in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, after which you will sail through the Denmark Strait in the direction of southeast Greenland. As you get closer to the coast, you will be able to view the Greenland Ice Sheet and make stops at a number of different ports along the coast. During the time that you spend on the island itself, your adventure guides will take you on trekking trips across the tundra to some of the most off-the-beaten-path locations that Greenland has to offer.

The optimal time to visit Greenland

The time of year is the most important factor to consider when deciding when to go to Greenland. This is because Greenland is situated on the edge of the Arctic Circle. The sea becomes more treacherous to sail during the winter months, and the ice sheets that form along the coastline get thicker. Under these circumstances, it is very challenging for any vessel to make a secure approach to the island.

Because of this, the months of June through September, which are considered to be summer, are the greatest time to go to Greenland. During certain seasons of the year, the ocean and the wind are both more calm, and the circumstances on the island itself are more welcoming to explorers.

What to consider while travelling to Greenland

Because Greenland is so large, and because there are so few built roads on the island, the majority of transport is done by boat. This is why going to Greenland on a polar cruise is the most enjoyable way to see the country. You are probably not going to go across the whole nation, so you will need to decide which region of the country you would want to see the most: the south, the east, or the west.

Keep in mind that Greenland is a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, despite the fact that Denmark is not in close proximity to you. The distance from Greenland to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is more than 3,000 kilometres. There are a significant number of people who call themselves English speakers who live in Greenland, particularly those who are likely to be encountered on trips to Greenland.

Greenland may be rough, but it’s not just for those who are looking for the most challenging adventures. Absolutely not. Everyone, regardless of age, degree of physical fitness, or skill set, will be able to participate in the activities that are offered on the several expeditions that Quark Expeditions offers. During the course of your journey, you will almost certainly come across Inuit settlements. These communities have a deep history on the island, which is reflected in the manner in which they dress, the architecture of their homes, and the ways in which they live their lives.

Greenland cruise excursion

An expedition cruise is, all things considered, the greatest way to explore Greenland, and there is no better way to go than on our Greenland Excursion: Explore By Sea, Land, and Air adventure. This trip lasts for nine days and is suitable for people of any age and with any amount of previous travel experience.

You have the freedom to determine the nature of the journey you set out on, despite the fact that it may be an exciting experience full with thrills. You have the option of being as active as you wish during your stay on the island, or you can just choose to unwind by the Tasermiut fjord and take in the breathtaking beauty of South Greenland for a more relaxed experience. You may also take a trip to the Greenland Ice Sheet in our helicopter and enjoy the view from above as you go there. On the other hand, if you would rather have a more active trip, you may paddle a kayak over the tundra or ride a mountain bike for a more on-the-ground experience that you will never forget!

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